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Figural, a pioneer in the insurance sector, designs and distributes innovative insurance products for the transport, freight, cargo, shipping, and handled goods industries.

About us

We redefine insurance
in Transport & Logistics

We’re a team of tech and insurance experts leveraging our combined knowledge to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

Our passion for innovation and commitment to excellence drives us to redefine how insurance is perceived, making it more accessible, efficient, and reliable.

At Figural, we provide insurance and ensure peace of mind for businesses navigating the complex landscape of transport and logistics.

Our Capabilities

A team of experts
powers Figural

We harness our proficiency in consultation, brokerage, and digital infrastructure to offer a unique ecosystem of innovative and tailored insurance solutions.

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Capabilities - Expert Team
Capabilities - Technologies


We provide custom-made APIs and webhooks for quick integration with e-commerce solutions and shipping providers as well as a white-label claim platform for efficient claim management.

Dedicated Customer Service

We create value by deploying dedicated teams for your claim management. Our customer service is trained and international, proficient in all the languages you require, ensuring a smooth, global reach for all your needs.

Capabilities - Dedicated Customer Service

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